Having performed at Chris’ brothers’ wedding several years ago, I knew what to expect….a family of music lovers (the Hulse family) that loved a good party. The ‘X’ factor was the Bride’s family, the Nadeau’s. Forgettabout the saying ‘opposites attract’…..after experiencing the Danielle & Chris’s family together, under the same roof- it was like adding gasoline to a raging fire!!!! What a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure, the ceremony was oh so traditional with the ‘Ave Maria’ for Seating the Mothers and subdued [read mushy sentimental) for the Processional(s)]….but that all changed when James Brown belted out “I feel good” for their recessional- talk about setting the tone for the rest of the evening!!

Each couple owned (picked) their Intro song, which is always interesting to see how they respond to their intro music. Adding to their own introduction was their Love Story which was a lot of fun (check it out here).

A packed dance floor was the rule throughout the celebration and how sad was I when last dance rolled around and it was time to say good night to a wonderful couple and their awesome families, friends and guests.

I’ll miss you Danielle & Chris!

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