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During dinner hour while (Most) guests where indoors eating, during some alone time I was able to play with and record a sampling of the different colors and (some) of the effects that my Uplighting does. Uplighting is German engineered/manufactured, can be static for Cocktail/Dinner hour and Active for dancing. Check out some of the cool effects they do!

I offer two distinct styles of Uplighting. The typical ‘wall wash’ that (most) DJ Entertainment companies(that offer Uplighting) offer, as well as these “Focus Beam” Uplights by ‘Ape Lab’ called Mobilights. These incredible fixtures are ONLY offered by DJ Kurt Entertainment in Connecticut. These ‘Intelligent’ Uplights are typically static for Cocktail/Dinner hour and Active for dancing, effectively serving multiple purposes.
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Sampling of how a typical DJ Kurt Entertainment wedding unfolds. This wedding (Zaccagnino/Mangiafico) took place in July 2011 at the Riverview in Simsbury, CT.

One of three Light Shows (dance floor lighting) I offer.
Well suited for larger venues and guests numbering 150+, this ‘Intelligent’ Light Show will electrify any celebration with seven incredible effects.

Most wedding celebrations I perform, the Bride & Groom opt to have their wedding party couples (each) pick their own individual song to be introduced to. It’s extra work (from a DJs’ perspective) to make this happen BUT the result speaks for itself to witness the fun each couple has entering in to their (own) song. Enjoy!

A service I offer all my clients is ‘The Love Story’. By filling out a questionnaire through my Client area, this Option affords my Clients yet another way to make their celebration unique, unlike any wedding they or their guests have experienced before.
Set to a musical backdrop and presented by DJ Kurt, this feature tells your story the way it should be- with romance, humor, sentiment and surprises, typically done directly after your Grand Entrance into the reception. Enjoy!
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A good example of a Voice Over. Client creates a short script (ideally one minute or less) of their sentiments to be layered digitally into their chosen song. In this Father / Daughter dance example, (the Bride) Maren shares her sentiments with her Dad (as a surprise) to the song he chose for their dance.
Client creates rough script.
DJ Kurt offers insights / coaches Client
DJ Kurt & Client rehearse (typically 2-3 x before it ‘sounds’ right)
DJ Kurt digitally records Client
DJ Kurt segments recording into various, appropriate points throughout the chosen song.
Client can choose to hear final production beforehand or hear it for first time day of their wedding.

Another example on how to personalize your special day.

This sample was first revealed on Friday, August 23, 2013 @ the Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT.



Award winning, Connecticut Wedding DJ…..My professional guarantee as Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies at your Connecticut Wedding Reception.

Mobilights by Ape Labs…..some of the Uplighting offered by DJ Kurt Entertainment. This video displays the in ‘Active mode’ (for dancing) as opposed to ‘static mode’ (for Cocktail hour). What do you think(?)- see survey below…………

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