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DJ Kurt / Saltwater Farm Vineyard

DJ Kurt / Saltwater Farm Vineyard

Importance of the DJ

Ask anyone who just attended a wedding reception what they remember most and the answer is always “How Much Fun They Had” and unfortunately many times “How boring it was”. The success of any wedding reception is always measured by “How much fun the guests had”. What were the most memorable parts? Was it the packed dance floor all night? The great selection of music played by the DJ? The smooth and timely orchestrating of all the traditional events by the DJ/Emcee?

Who is responsible for the guests having a good time? Not the venue, not the photographer, not the videographer, not the cake person, not the wedding planner! No it’s the DJ ! Although all of those vendors mentioned are important and play a key role in your reception, the person who really determines how your guests remember your wedding reception is always the DJ.

There is an old familiar saying that holds true ” The DJ can make or break your reception”.

So why is it that so many couples wait till the last minute to hire the most important person for their reception? The first is the most obvious. When a bride gets engaged the first thing she does is look for a location for her reception.  She begins to visualize how she wants everything to look. Everything from the table placements to the flowers and the linens. Next is usually the photographer and then everyone else.

So why do so many couples wait to choose their DJ?  After 20 plus years of providing DJ entertainment for weddings and speaking with so many couples I have found two main reasons. The first and most important is “ A lack of understanding the role of a professional DJ and secondly poor performance on behalf of so many DJs

A Professional DJ does more than just play music. A Professional DJ is the emcee, event coordinator, entertainer and more.  Whether it’s the order and timing of the traditional events, reading the audience, playing appropriate music etc. the DJ is the one who bears the responsibility of insuring you and your guests enjoy themselves. It is important to be in constant communication with your DJ so that he or she understands what type of reception you want and what you expect of them.

Some couples want a fun, energetic and interactive DJ while others prefer a more reserved DJ.  Whatever your preference you must let your DJ know.  A professional Connecticut DJ looks for detailed information up front.  What traditional events will you be doing, when you would like to do those events, establishes a timeline for all vendors so they understand the flow of events for the evening, the type of music you want played, the volume level of the music etc.  There are so many things an experienced and professional DJ does, but is not always seen or understood by engaged couples, families or guests.

A DJ with Class specializes in  planning and performing elegant wedding receptions. I meet individually with all brides and grooms to carefully personalize and plan this special day. A typical pre-consultation discussion includes important details such as the timing and arrangement of traditional events (wedding party introductions, special dances, bouquet toss etc.) special dedications, programming of the music, location of the equipment etc. to assist you making an informed decision on why I am best suited at delivering (and exceeding) your expectations. Dismiss any pre- consultation that does not cover all the aforementioned.

Since your DJ is also the Master of Ceremonies this planning insures a smooth running reception. I  typically will meet with couples 1-3 times depending upon the complexity of their reception. A typical reception I perform usually has a minimum of 10 hours of planning, plus the time it takes for setup, breakdown and the actual reception performance. All in all I have anywhere from 15-25 hours invested in a wedding reception.  However I only charge for the actual reception performance (usually 5 hours) and ceremony (1 hour) if I am contracted to provide the music and equipment for it.

Reception Music: A song list is available on our website that allows you to listen to song samples and compile your very own request sheets. I offer several filters to help choose your music by genre, year, artist and specialty, Top 200 from each decade, etc. You can easily build, print and email your own Must Play or Do Not Play Request List. Guests can even make requests via my website for your reception. These requests are kept in a separate database and can be deleted by you if you would like.

Interactive Website: I provide all my clients with their very own user name & password so they can access all the features of the Client area including their own Music Library, Ceremony + Reception Planners, Love Story, etc.
 MOST IMPORTANTLY: I realize all weddings are not the same. I realize it is your day and you should have it your way. I work closely with all of my clients to help them customize their special day. Your reception should reflect your own tastes and personality.  I truly love what I do, and despite my many years in the business, I never take anything or anyone for granted. I am as enthusiastic about every new job as if it were my first.

^kkHappy Anniversary to my life partner, Steve Massey. 32 years together on June 15th

Central European trip 2004

Central European trip 2004

just finished posting Michelle & John’s Love Story from their wedding last Saturday on to my website. I loved this couple…..give it a listen, it’s really cute!
Click on page below, select Audio clip #1- Michelle & John’s Love Story & ENJOY!

DJ Kurt Entertainment Love Story Audio files

DJ Kurt Entertainment Love Story Audio files

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